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Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th 2011

As per the advice of Bychenkov from AARI (Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute)  “to look for our last chance East of us”, we did turn East and there it was. After four short hours of sleep we attacked our the ridges befringing polynya and by 1300 hours found ourselves upon the floating ice of, by now familiar to us, Kara Sea.
Many thanks for the correctly interpreted and timely delivered to us images of the ice!

We traveled on fairly uncomplicated terrain, for a while, but short lived was our joy and we very soon encountered ridges reaching out as far as the horizon. Polynya that stretched along our path to the right of us came to save the day. It was covered with ice we could drive on. But only fast, we could not stand or stop on it. Occasionally there were pitfalls. We moved along the “shore” at full throttle, solving problems like “30 degrees – water!” on the fly. Thus,  dodging water holes, we ended the day upon one cozy ice floe with the coordinates of N78° 30' and Е93°.

Vasily Elagin.

Translated from Russian by Ilya Kovalev

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