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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The achievement of this expedition has been granted the status of official Russian record and entered as such in the “Russian Book of Records” on October 26th 2009.

Marine Live Ice Automobile Expedition MLAE-2009 has successfully traversed over 2000 kilometers of frozen Arctic Ocean starting at Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago and after 38 days and nights reaching The North Pole.

The organizer and expedition leader of the MLAE-2008 and Mlae-2009 expeditions. He is also the engineer, designer and builder of the “Yemelya” amphibious vehicles. Geologist, race driver and a participant of Paris-Dakar rally he is a Decorated Master of Sport of the USSR, bears the title of the International Class Master of Sport in alpine climbing, achieved the title of “Snow Leopard”
Traversed Kangchenjunga, ascended Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, Aconcagua, Mount Vinson and has been decorated with the Medal of The Red Labor Flag.

Driver-engineer, ice reconnaissance specialist. Holds the title of the International class master of Sport in alpine climbing, has been awarded the title of the “Snow Leopard”, twice. Completed complex vertical wall ascends on Khan Tengri, ascended The Peak of Communism, Annapurna, Lhotse and the Mount Everest. Participated in the MLAE-2008 expedition.

Doctor, supply and inventory manager, cook. Mountaineer, mountain guide, parachutist, yachtsman, surfer, alpine skier, participated in “Seven Peaks” program ascending the highest peaks on all continents.

Our guard dog, who viciously chased away polar bears. Year and a half ago had been born on the Sredniy Island frontier outpost in a pack of semi-wild dogs.

Second in command of the MLAE-2009 and MLAE-2008 expeditions. Photographer and videographer. Mountaineer, speleologist, alpine skier, polar traveler, yachtsman, sea hunter, organizer of ethnographic discovery and adventure journeys in dog sleds and leather built canoes through Chukotka, Kamchatka and Alaska.

Technical and machine maintenance engineer. Sport car racer, diver, alpine skier, alpine sports instructor, participated in Mount Elbrus and Shkhara ascends. Organizer of ascends of Upper Svaneti and Kirgiz Ata mountains.

Photographer, ice reconnaissance specialist, geologist. Conducted research in: Crimea, Karelia, Transbaikal Region, East Yakutia, Kola Peninsula, Dickson Island, Taymyr and Chukotka.

Mechanical maintenance engineer. Has taken part in geological research expedition in Chukotka. Traveled solo from Chukotka to Moscow in a UAZ-469. Has been an expeditionary driver in “To the top of Elbrus in Land Rover” adventure expedition.

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